Crowns and Bridges are two very common restorative procedures done daily at Viva Dental Dryden. They are safe, successful in the long term, functional and quick. In only two appointments of one hour each, a patient can have a crown or a bridge that will last decades, protect the teeth from fracture and restore function and esthetics.

1. Dental crowns: Dental Crowns are tooth shaped caps or covers that surround a tooth like a hat. Crowns can be made out of metal, porcelain and metal or all porcelain. An appropriate type of crown will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Ibrahim Depending on where the tooth is located, how much biting force effects it or what procedure was done on it previously. Commonly, teeth that received a root canal treatment, a very large restoration, fracture or trauma, misaligned or discolored may need a crown.

2. Bridges: Bridges or fixed prosthesis are teeth shaped structures that replace the form and function of a missing tooth or teeth and use existing surrounding teeth as anchors. The anchor teeth are prepared exactly as they would if they were to receive crowns but the middle toothless area between the anchor teeth will be filled in with false teeth soldered to the crowns. The lab technicians and the dentist work hand in hand to produce a functional and esthetic result that will serve for decades. Dr. Ibrahim performs this procedure often with highly satisfactory results. Bridges are like crowns, they can be made all out of metal, metal covered with porcelain or all porcelain. Your case is unique and your choices will be presented to you based on all the clinical findings.

Three unit porcelain fused to metal fixed bridge

In the photos is a three unit fixed prosthesis commonly knows a " fixed bridge". The bridge Is made of a noble alloy base including gold and covered with porcelain on top to imitate the appearance and function of natural teeth. This prosthesis replaces a single missing tooth in the middle. As you can see, the teeth on either side of the middle missing tooth have been prepared ( reduced 1 mm around and 1 mm on top) to receive their respective crowns. The crowns on each of the teeth are attached to the middle construction that is fabricated in the shape of a tooth to fill the space. The assembly is then cemented on the two prepared teeth and should feel and serve like natural teeth. This type of prosthesis can be made for 2 or more missing teeth depending on the clinical situation. Many patients at our office have successfully received this treatment and are very happy with it. This is a convenient and safe procedure that can be completed in only 2 dental appointments of one hour each.

Porcelain fused to Metal Crowns

The photos show 2 crowns done for 2 molars side by side. Both these teeth received root canal treatment and large restorations in the past. Preparation are done to reduce the teeth 1 mm on top and 1 mm around to fit the crowns. The impressions made of the prepared teeth are then sent to the lab and experienced technicians create art work that functions for years to come. The dentist will then cement the crowns on the prepared teeth with an appropriate cement and those crowns will look and function like natural teeth. This procedure is very common and very successful. The patient will need 2 appointments of 1 hour each. 

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