Dr. Ghada Ibrahim, DDS

I Landed on Canadian Soil in January of 1992. I didn't see much of the soil in January, but I did later on in May of that year. As an immigrant, I did focus on working, education and fulfilling all those dreams I had growing up. I had the unconditional support of my wonderful parents and siblings and my invaluable friends who I consider family. I started my Certified Dental Assisting Diploma course only 2 days after my arrival in Canada. I worked as a dental assistant for a total of 10 years and decided to go back to university to further my education in 2003. I Graduated with Honours as a Doctor of Dental Surgery From the University of Toronto in 2010. I was invited to become a member of the AKU North American Honour Dental Society that year and was selected among the top ten students of my graduating class of a hundred. It was a great privilege and a great honour for me to finally hold the " doctor" title but a big responsibility most of all. I moved to Sioux Lookout in 2010 after graduation and moved to Dryden in 2011 and been here since. Thank you Dryden for being so kind to me :)

I pride myself on providing the best dental care and treatment to my patients in the most relaxed and fun environment possible. I take my work very seriously and hope that I always meet my patients and staff expectations. Outside of work .............. I was supposed to write what I do after I finish work but I cant think of what it would be! I guess more work! Oh, Yes, I remember.......... I Kayaked for 30 minutes in 2014 , got on a treadmill for 7 minutes in 2013 , I gardened for 2 hours last year, not much of a kitchen person but a social butterfly. I adore my family and friends and would be totally lost without them. I am loved and consider myself one of the luckiest people on earth :)