Root Canal Therapy

Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment is in high demand in the human population in general. at Viva Dental Dryden, Dr. Ibrahim performs high quality Root Canal Treatment for both front teeth and molars. we have the latest technologies available at the office starting with digital imaging all the way to Root Canal filling machines, engine driven files and restorative options. We rarely need to refer a patients out to have a root canal done at the Endodontist office. Dr. Ibrahim will refer patients out to Kenora or Winnipeg for Root Canal treatment only if the level of difficulty requires a microscope, specialized knowledge or 3D CT scan imaging.

For the most part, Root Canal treatment is simple, predictable, safe and completely painless. Once the correct diagnosis has been made, the tooth will be completely anaesthetized and treated in one session or 2 at the most. Root Canal Treatment may be required on teeth with an infected or dead nerve or due to severe trauma. A tooth nerve could die or get infected if it had one of the following: large restoration, deep dental caries, fractures, traumatic bite, periodontal disease. Many Patients are " afraid" of having a Root Canal performed on their teeth but there is absolutely nothing to be concerned with. discuss your worries about treatment with Dr. Ibrahim or the staff and we will all help you and guide you though it.

Before Treatment

This case is one in which the patient had a root canal started on the tooth a few months prior to seeing Dr. Ibrahim for final treatment. Although the patient was not in pain but the signs of infection around the root tip area ( dark halo) and break down of the temporary restoration were evident upon examination clinically and on the radiograph (X-ray).

Prior to Treatment

The patient presented to the office with hot and cold sensitivity and spontaneous pain on the top right. Dentition looked relatively intact. No dental caries observed but several long-standing large restorations were noted. The first molar was painful to all tests performed while the teeth around it tested normal. Although a large infection as in case one wasn't observed but in this case, the patient's symptoms revealed the need for a root canal.

Completed Root Canal

This procedure was 1:15 hour in duration and both the root canal treatment and restoration with white filling material was completed. A crown was suggested to the patient to protect the tooth long term due to the significant loss of tooth structure. 4 canals were found in this lower right molar.

Completed Treatment

An access opening through the existing filling was made. All the roots were cleaned and filled with specialized root filling material and the access opening was restored with a white filling material. A crown was suggested to the patient in this case also.

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