KIDS AND ADULT SEDATION - Dental Anxiety is very common amongst kids and adults and it can be controlled with sedation. There is no reason why your dental visit can’t be made more comfortable and less stressful. The results of sedation will amaze you. Please ask the Dentist or the staff about sedation. We offer Mild to Moderate sedation for both kids and adults. This treatment is proven effective and safe.

KIDS sedation is done with a drug called Midazolam or Nitrous Oxide Gas. Midazolam is given as a drink one hour before the kid’s dental appointment here at the office. ADULT sedation is done with Ativan or Nitrous Oxide gas or both combined. Nitrous Oxide is provided at the office and Ativan is given as a prescription for the patient to take before the appointment.

Many People avoid a visit to the dentist because of dental anxiety " fear of dentistry". people commonly would say "I don't like the dentist, nothing personal doc, I just don't like being here!". most of the dentally anxious patients I have seen recall a " bad experience" in the dental chair at some point in their lives. be it an adult or a child, dental anxiety or fear of the dentist or dental procedures is very common. a good technique of giving local anesthetic " the needle" and a little patience and dialogue with the patient goes along way. this goes hand in hand with sedation for patients who have a moderate to severe level of anxiety. at Viva Dental Dryden, Dr. Ibrahim is certified to administer both mild and moderate forms of sedation under controlled conditions with amazing results. many patients that think they need to be "put to sleep" for their dental appointment, can tolerate dental treatment very well with a mild or moderate level of sedation with Oral medications or Nitrous Gas sedation.

We offer Oral sedation for both adults and children and we have one of the most advanced digital Nitrous Oxide gas sedation delivery systems. rest assured that sedation alone is not enough to put the patient's mind at ease but our experienced team make all the difference. Come in, have a free consult and discuss your concerns with Dr. Ibrahim and her staff and you will be happy you made the decision to visit. Dental health improves the quality of life in older adults and maintains general health and restores confidence at any age.

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