Surgery and Tooth Extractions

Once the correct diagnosis has been made and the patient is consulted and agrees to the removal of a tooth or multiple teeth, the procedure of teeth extraction is relatively simple and safe. teeth that may require extraction are for the most part hopeless teeth or teeth that will not be viable or strong if saved. Anaesthetic will be given as necessary, sutures when indicated and after surgery information. to protect patients against infections or pain after extractions, our clinical team members will provide the patients with oral and written information and guidance. Dr. Ibrahim's home number and email will also be provided in case the patients need to contact her after hours.

A. Single tooth extraction: A single tooth may be extracted for many reasons. Dr. Ibrahim will always suggest replacement options for that tooth if a replacement is beneficial to the patient. the sites in the arch that are missing teeth are called edentulous areas. most edentulous areas will need tooth/ teeth replacement and your consult with Dr. Ibrahim will clarify all aspects and all concerns including indications and contraindications.

B. Multiple teeth extractions: Many patients require multiple teeth to be extracted at the same time. replacement, in this case, is necessary to replace normal function and aesthetics. Many options are available. please review the sections about dentures, implants and bridges under our services to get more information.

C. Biopsies: Biopsies are tissue samples taken from an area in the body for testing under the microscope to help diagnose a disease or help rule out a disease.

Many growths and lesions in the mouth are benign but some lesions found in the mouth may require a biopsy. It is impossible sometimes to diagnose a disease condition accurately without microscopic testing. The patient will receive anesthesia around the area being removed and a sample of the tissue will be sent for testing in a pathology lab. The results may reveal a disease the may require further treatment or testing or may confirm that the patient is safe without further intervention. Dr. Ibrahim uses an advanced method for performing biopsies that is very safe and non-invasive. This method utilizes a machine that produces an electric current used for cutting the tissue sample instead of a surgical blade. This ensures minimal bleeding if any and a speedy recovery of the site. Once the results of the biopsy are received, the patient will receive a call for the office if further testing is required.

Rampant dental caries in children 

These 2 cases required a combination of extractions and restorations with Stainless Steel Crowns. Dr. Ibrahim has extensive training in Hospital (OR) dentistry for children which helps her perform complex Paediatric procedures in the clinic. many primary (baby) teeth require partial removal of the nerve and full coverage with pre-fabricated stainless steel crowns.

Dr. Ibrahim's expertise in treating children may save families in Dryden and surrounding areas a large expense and reduce the need for family travel for dental care to bigger city centers. Come in for a free consult with your child and speak with Dr. Ibrahim about your child's dental needs before you plan a trip out of town. treatment can be done closer to home.

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